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Why Families Fight During Succession and How to Stop It

It may not surprise you to learn that many businesses fail to survive the succession process and fall prey to family infighting. Here are a few reasons conflict situations that might arise during this complex and emotionally charged time—and how to defuse them.

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3 Ways to Reclaim Your Commute

While I don’t really have a commute, per se, as a succession planning speaker I spend a fair amount of time traveling. And it seems I’m not alone; a recent AAA survey found that the average American adult spends about 300 hours—or nearly two full weeks’ time—in the...

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Q&A: Choosing (or Creating) the Right Successor

In my travels on the succession planning speaker and business turnaround speaker circuits, one of the most popular topics of discussion is leadership talent. My clients wonder: when is the right time to choose one’s successor, and what kind of leaders should they be looking for?

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4 Ways Millennials Can Actually Make Your Company Stronger

If you’ve been reading the news at all in recent years, you may have noticed a mounting “body count” of all the industries and institutions Millennials have, according to clickbait journalism, allegedly “killed” with their complex and mercurial ways. Shouty headlines seem to announce a new “death” every day – RIP, American Dream…and thanks for nothing, Millennials!

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As a succession planning speaker, I’m often asked about business contingency planning within the larger context of succession planning—are the two ideas related, and how? The answer isn’t difficult to understand, but it does require a bit of clarification.

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While criticism is essential to the process of professional growth, no one enjoys getting negative feedback. I’ll share a few simple mindset adjustments that can make the process quite a bit more tolerable—regardless of whether you’re on the giving or receiving end.

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The 3 Surprising Things Your Employees REALLY Want from You

As the United States approaches a potential recession, business owners are preparing to be tested in a variety of ways. But while “making payroll” and “redundancy meetings” may understandably be top of mind, the way you lead during trying times can actually have a...

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This blog, Begin with the End in Mind, is the first in my new Succession Planning Blog Series. I hope you enjoy this series of blogs dedicated to helping you plan for the future success of your business.

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4 Tips to Make Every Meeting More Productive

When I first joined the family business the company had LOTS of meetings that lasted for hours – sound familiar? Here are 4 foolproof ways to make all your meetings more productive—and a whole lot shorter.

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