Business Coaching for Growth, Succession Planning and Crisis Management

Ignite Your CEO Potential

Overcome Stagnation and develop Sustainable Growth Strategies

Step into a dedicated space crafted exclusively for CEOs and leadership teams committed to steering their companies towards substantial growth. As your seasoned CEO and business growth coach, my role is to expertly guide you through the intricate journey of business expansion with speed, ease, and unwavering confidence.

Harnessing the power of the Metronomics playbook and software, a proven and comprehensive coaching system. My business coaching services are uniquely tailored to revolutionize your organizational dynamics and operational efficiency. Together, we’ll cultivate a robust culture centered around the Core Purpose and Core Values of your organization. If you haven’t defined these yet, we’ll collaboratively explore and articulate them in our initial coaching sessions.

Embark on a transformative journey designed to elevate your leadership and drive unparalleled success for your organization.

Welcome to a space where growth knows no boundaries.

What You Can Expect:

Monthly Personalized 1:1 CEO Coaching

Tailored sessions addressing the specific challenges and opportunities unique to you and your business.

Quarterly In-Person Planning

I will travel to your location for interactive sessions involving the CEO and leadership team to foster cohesiveness and concentrate on strategic implementation for each 90-day period.

Continuous Learning

Embark on a learning journey encompassing the latest in leadership, strategy, and operational efficiency. This includes participation in the annual Metronomics Business Growth Summit alongside The Bryan Group.


Regular check-ins to ensure both you and your team stay on course, working towards and surpassing your goals.


Gain access to a network of like-minded professionals and industry leaders through exclusive events and forums.

Richard worked closely with our leadership team to help us develop a crystal clear strategy and subsequently to implement changes that lead to significant growth for our organization.
Clint Young

President, Point S USA

Our Business Coaching Framework:

Strategic Planning

Together, we will craft a resilient strategic plan, establishing a distinct vision and actionable objectives to steer your company towards a trajectory of sustainable growth.

Execution Mastery

Leverage the power of Metronomics software to transform strategies into actionable tasks, fostering alignment and accountability among every team member. We will collaboratively establish metrics tailored to your specific business, ensuring a focused and results-driven approach.

Sustainable Growth

Shift your focus to constructing systems that not only enhance profitability but also foster sustainable growth in alignment with your long-term vision.

Work-Life Synergy

A key component of our journey is striking a balance that elevates your quality of life while attaining professional excellence. This synergy becomes achievable when surrounded by a highly cohesive team of A-Players.

Why Choose Richard J. Bryan and The Bryan Group?

Certified Metronomics Coach

As a certified coaching expert, I integrate advanced methodologies and structured processes from Metronomics into your business, guaranteeing a systematic approach to drive growth and enhance performance.

Global Experience

I provide services spanning the US, Canada, and the UK, adapting to a diverse range of business cultures and market dynamics. Supported by my dedicated teams in both the U.S. and the U.K., I ensure comprehensive coverage and tailored support for your specific needs.

28 Years of Ownership Experience

Drawing from nearly three decades of business ownership, every strategy and piece of advice I offer is infused with my wealth of experience, ensuring you receive insights that are not only practical but also profoundly impactful. My commitment to continual learning and growth aligns me closely with my clients, fostering a collaborative journey towards success.

Industry Versatility

With experience spanning diverse sectors such as Agriculture, Real Estate, Automotive, Brewing, Tire industry, Event Management, and more, I bring a wealth of knowledge and flexible strategies to address your specific industry challenges and opportunities. I am here to navigate the process with you, irrespective of your industry.

Having a coach with many years of business ownership experience who understands the pressure a CEO has to deal with every day makes a huge difference. Richard’s knowledge of what it takes to build a winning team has been a huge asset for me and my business.
Katie Moss

CEO & Owner, Otium Concierge and Event Management

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