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Keynote Speaker Richard J. Bryan

Learn how to transform your business.

By implementing some A-Player leadership strategies that work, Richard helps business owners and senior management to focus on their top priorities so that they can save time, grow revenue and significantly increase their bottom line profits. He is also an expert in succession planning for family and privately held businesses. He is an international speaker, author and business owner who has been in senior leadership roles in the Automotive and Real Estate industries for more than 20 years and understands the challenges facing leaders in business today.

Keynote #1: Business Growth

Learn to Lead: Guaranteed to succeed. Proven Strategies for Exponential Business Growth

Best Audience: This leadership program is ideal for business owners and senior executives who have hit a road block when it comes to sustainable growth in their business.

 This engaging and interactive program empowers attendees to participate, take action and develop into leaders who create a culture of success in their organization while mentoring their team to take care of the day to day running of the business thus enabling them to spend more time on growing the business.

 Learn how to put Richard’s tried and tested strategies into action so that you can start working “ON your business” not “IN your business” and implement a plan that guarantees success for years to come by attracting, retaining and nurturing A-Payers to become your next generation of leaders in the organization.

Key Takeaways

Define your Role as a Leader

Learn to leverage your unique talents and focus on what ONLY YOU can do for your organization in order to be the most effective leader possible.

Hire A-Players

Surround yourself with A-Players who have transferable skills and a great attitude.  Mentor and train them to ensure bench strength for your next generation of leaders.

Celebrate Success to Retain your Best People

Use a well structured recognition strategy to celebrate success, reward your top performers and increase engagement in order to retain those with high future leadership potential.

“Richard’s an outstanding speaker who utilizes story-telling, practical “lessons learnt” and humor, delivered with real authority and authenticity.”


Keynote #2: Succession Planning

Extraordinary Leadership Succession Planning

Best Audience: This program is ideal for family business owners, CEOs and advisors who deal with family owned businesses.

In this interactive and entertaining program based on his book, “Handing Over the Reins: A Concise Guide to Succession Planning,” Richard shares how to create a seamless leadership transition from one generation to the next. 

Richard uses his personal family business story as a case study and shares entertaining stories that provide humor, encourage audience participation and teach the proven strategies that need to be in place for succession planning to be successful. 

Richard will show the audience not only what to do, but what NOT to do to guarantee business continuity for years to come.

Key Takeaways

  • Develop (or update) your succession plan now (before you need it)!
  • Understand how to choose the right successor for your business
  • Minimize inter-family conflict by having a strategic plan for communication
  • Learn the difference between a contingency plan and a succession plan for your business
  • Create a meaningful role for the former owner/CEO during and after transition so everyone wins


“Richard Bryan delivers a fact based presentation that is a must for a business that is family run.”-Ralph Ahearn, CHAIRMAN, VISTAGE FLORIDA 

Keynote #3: Crisis Management/ Tough Times

Being Frank. How to be a leader people will Follow in Challenging Times

Best Audience: This program is ideal for business owners and leaders, as well as trusted advisors, dealing with a crisis or operating in particularly challenging market conditions. Great for those who want to protect key business relationships, and lock down loyalty with top performing A-Players and key customers.

 Go beyond theory with Richard J. Bryan and re-live the business turn-around tactics he learned over coffee (lots of coffee) with his brilliant, common-sense, business mentor, Frank. Richard became the reluctant CEO of his family’s high-profile business at the age of 28, after his father became ill. He was facing $5 million of company debt, tough competition, unhappy manufacturer partners and, to top it off, the business was losing $3.5 million a year! He looked around and decided he needed help. Enter Frank. Learn the top 10 road-tested, turn-around tactics that saved the business.

With the help of the right mentor, Richard took his family business from near-bankruptcy to profitable growth and successful exit over the course of 10 years. He has gathered his key learnings (the good, the bad and the ugly), in his no-nonsense, leadership book, “Being Frank. Real Life Lessons to Grow Your Business and Yourself”. He will share select excerpts from his book with you, in this value-packed, reality-tested, freshly-brewed program.

Key Takeaways

  • The perils of indecision

  • Trust your gut and stop second guessing yourself

  • Retain your top performers during a crisis

  • How to remain laser-focused on the end goal amid organizational chaos

  • The power of having a plan and being able to make the tough decisions

“He used well researched examples and his call to action was right on the mark. In short, Richard was very effective and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”



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