The Ai Revolution in Hiring

The Ai Revolution in Hiring

A New Way of Finding a Great Fit?

I recently wrote an article about 6 different leadership assessment tools to try in 2021, which received some great feedback from leaders across many different industries.

Since writing that article, I have come across another tool that could be a game changer when looking to promote or hire new talent into a key role in your organization.

It is called pymetrics, and is an AI based assessment tool which helps you find the best fit for any particular role. It was developed by Frida Polli PhD; an academic neuroscientist from Harvard and MIT turned entrepreneur.

The principle is simple enough. In the same way that apps like Spotify and Netflix take information about you and make personal recommendations of songs or movies you might like based on your specific personality traits, pymetrics does this by, “harnessing the power of ethical AI to match people to jobs where they are most likely to succeed.”

I recently took a pymetrics assessment to measure my fit for an executive role. This was a demo; so the role was not a live opportunity. It assessed my fit for the role by measuring me against the following 9 categories – Emotion, Focus, Fairness, Generosity, Attention, Decision Making, Learning, Risk Tolerance, & Effort.

The fascinating thing about pymetrics is that it’s unlike any other assessment I have taken over the years, where so often you are answering a series of questions in a fairly linear fashion. This assessment is more like playing a video game for 20 minutes! This gamification makes the experience more enjoyable. As the candidate you are so immersed in the experience that you’re not trying to second guess the answers, rather doing what comes natural.

My results suggested I was a fit for the executive position and therefore worth interviewing in person. As pymetrics suggests, this test is to be given at the start of the hiring and recruitment process or before a promotion within. Interestingly, the results also showed in graphical form the areas where I was an optimal fit, as well as indicating where there was a gap between the role and my natural tendencies in each of the 9 categories. This makes the in-person interview far more targeted and provides more meaningful data to discuss.

I have no vested interest in promoting pymetrics other than I found this experience fascinating and would definitely consider using this tool in my own company.

If you want to learn more check out their website:, or watch this short video:

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